Kirsty Gray

6th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites: Day 5 – the final frontier

Today, I bring you…. The World Factbook. Originally published semi-annually (until 1980) as the National Basic Intelligence Factbook, county entries included sections on Land, Water, People, […]
5th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 4

Today, is all about newspapers…. Consulting newspapers, periodicals and magazines can provide plenty of background information about your ancestors. The British Library‘s newspaper collections are among […]
4th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 3

Today’s offering for readers is the three Gs! Three for the price of one – now where can you find a deal like that these days? […]
3rd December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 2

May I present to you, Histpop …. a website which provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to […]
2nd December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 1

The National Archives holds over eleven million historical government and public records, one of the largest archive collections in the world. From Domesday Book to modern […]
1st December 2013

1 December

Traditionally a day to begin opening the doors on the Advent Calendar but also, in 1990, the day when mainland Britain re-joined continental Europe. The final […]
30th November 2013

30 November

So much choice as today is a historic day in many ways, not least because of the effect of the events of last night in Glasgow. […]
29th November 2013

Pearls of wisdom

I have often wondered if there should be a proverb counter out there somewhere to see how many proverbs are used each day. But today, this […]
28th November 2013

Cats and dogs

Whilst thinking about today’s blog, which was going to be about a rather useful website I located recently, all I have heard is the incessant noise […]