Kirsty Gray

26th September 2013

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Not one person in the field of family history…. genealogy…. call it what you will …. could possibly say that they know everything. But thankfully, there […]
25th September 2013

One of those days…!

Some days don’t quite go to plan, eh?! Well, yesterday was – in part – one of those days! Travelling 80 miles for a late afternoon […]
24th September 2013

A ‘Rockstar’

As those who know me well will testify, I am rarely rendered speechless but last Tuesday was one of the rare occasions. Having seen the bronze […]
23rd September 2013

Welcome to our new website

Hello and welcome to the brand new, all singing, all dancing, Family Wise Limited website. Having lived in the dark ages for such a long time, […]