Kirsty Gray

18th November 2015

A cunning plan

“I have a cunning plan” …. the famous words of actor Sir Tony Robinson when playing Baldrick in the long-running BBC historic comedy television series Blackadder. In […]
18th November 2015

Want something done?

I am sure most of you can guess where this one is headed. Want something done? You guessed it…. ask a busy person. Well, this busy […]
17th November 2015

Away with the fairies

Over the last week or two, a fair few certificates we have ordered have, quite frankly, contained information which is less than 100% factual. On some […]
15th November 2015

Fun at the zoo

Today, we are back in the zone – the genealogy zone. It’s Sunday but that doesn’t stop us! FWL is not just a job. It’s a […]
14th November 2015

Dictatorship – no thanks!

The streets of Paris are dark. Landmarks are lit up across the globe. Mass casualties. We have sat back and let other world leaders lead the […]
14th November 2015

No words needed

[Source image:]
13th November 2015

The power of networking

Team FWL have been working their socks off in various locations across the globe today and it has been a very hectic day for me, as […]
12th November 2015

The importance of accuracy

Following on from my blog entitled Are you sure about that? on 11 November, over the last few days I have been utterly amazed at the inaccuracy and inconsistency […]
12th November 2015

Just a bit off kilter….

I have to confess: it’s been an odd Wednesday, all in all. Completely due to a late night last night and early rise to 4Sight at the best […]