10th April 2014

Day 9 of the A to Z April Challenge: I for Indigo

Indigo has been a bit of a challenge to blog about! Having found that there is an airline called IndiGo – a leading domestic and international […]
9th April 2014

Day 8 of the A to Z April Challenge: H for Hotel

The most famous fictional hotel in the UK has to be Fawlty Towers. First broadcast in the 1970s, the show was written by John Cleese and […]
8th April 2014

Day 7 of the A to Z April Challenge: G for Golf

OK so I have given in to the obvious today…. only because I managed to find some simply awesome information from just looking up ‘golf player’ […]
7th April 2014

Day 6 of the A to Z April Challenge: F for Foxtrot

The most obvious thing to write about today would be the dance – well, yes. But why go with the obvious? Who knows about the American […]
6th April 2014

#14 Arthur Gosling of Guildford, Surrey

Arthur Gosling was a name known to me from childhood as the loud chiming clock upon our bureau in the hallway was inscribed with his name: […]
5th April 2014

Day 5 of the A to Z April Challenge: E for Echo

More historical than genealogical blogs this week by the sheer nature of the letters so far. And today – sadly – won’t change the distribution one […]
4th April 2014

Day 4 of the A to Z April Challenge: D for Delta

At one particular point today, I wondered if this phonetic alphabet idea was actually a good one. Delta? Well, it’s a shape. A mathematical symbol. The […]
3rd April 2014

Day 3 of the A to Z Challenge: C for Charlie

When considering ‘Charlie possibilities’ today, a few options popped into my head. I briefly considered something relating the Royal Family but quickly discarded that idea. Toying […]
2nd April 2014

Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge: B for Bravo

….Well done! Great job! Bravo! Congratulations! How many times a day do you say something positive to someone? By email, letter, verbally or even online? It’s […]