30th March 2014

#13 Good ‘E[a]v(e/a)ns! Elijah Evans, born 26 January 1888 West Bromwich

When my grandparents moved to Tenerife, my mother was left with the suitcase of family treasures. Within the documents, very little appeared to be known about […]
29th March 2014

A few sandwiches short of a picnic

Long term readers of the Family Wise blog will realise our appreciation for the weird and wonderful names (and transcription of names) in the global historical […]
28th March 2014

Sometimes it’s best not to….

I started young in this ‘profession’. In fact, one of the first articles I wrote was titled I’m too young for family history! I’ve always been […]
27th March 2014

The worst aviation disaster

On 27 March 1977, two Boeing 747s – one KLM and one Pan Am – collided just above the runway at Los Rodeos Airport in the […]
26th March 2014

Old Mersey Times

This week, I stumbled across the Old Mersey Times website. What an absolute treasure! From The Genealogist’s Lament to missing people, divorce, bigamy, bankruptcy and a […]
25th March 2014

International Days – Waffles and Remembrance

On March 25, traditionally in Sweden, International Waffle Day is celebrated to mark the beginning of spring. Unsurprisingly, waffles are typically eaten on this day. The […]
24th March 2014

Parish clerks and rectors you love

FamilySearch are continually adding parish registers to their published images collection and a recent delve into their Cornwall and Devon Parish Registers collection – containing 202,481 […]
23rd March 2014

#12 Emma Baynham born Reading, Berkshire 1845

On my grandfather’s family tree, he recorded that my great-great-great-grandfather, William Baynham was born 27 January 1841. ‘Of a Berkshire family of Baynhams’, he allegedly had […]
22nd March 2014

Wondrous Wiltshire

Moving to Wiltshire nearly three years ago, I knew a grand total of four people in the county. You may question why I chose the county […]