21st March 2014

When a plan comes together

Most of us spend half our lives wishing the working week away in order to have a break from work and ‘have a life’ at the […]
20th March 2014

Transport back in time

‘Histories of 1052 British motor manufacturers – with over 500 photographs – in business between 1894 and 1960, including those that never made it past the […]
19th March 2014

Hunting air

Whenever I meet someone for the first time and they ask what I do, I always say ‘I’m an Heir Hunter‘ and then leave a long […]
18th March 2014

Fascinating stories

We all have them. But how interesting are our stories to others? Well, it depends how you tell the story really…. This morning started early with […]
17th March 2014

Happy St Patrick’s Day

In the late fourth or early fifth century, the possibly Welsh-born patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick, was captured by pirates and sold to slavery in […]
16th March 2014

#11 William George Sillifant of Ashwater, Devon

William George was the first child of Richard and Mary Anne (nee Jordan) Sillifant. Following their marriage in 1870, William George was born in early 1871 […]
15th March 2014

Never stop learning

Writing this blog each day is a constant learning curve. From new discoveries about my own ancestors for #52Ancestors to delving deeper into family, local and […]
14th March 2014

Carrot v Stick Approach

On this day in history, Admiral John Byng (born 1704), the son of the 1st Viscount Torrington, George Byng, was executed in Portsmouth in 1757. He […]
13th March 2014

When did they die and where were they buried?

Hatched, matched and dispatched…. family historians are often more interested in the hatching and the matching, than the dispatching and more often than not when I […]