12th March 2014

Thinking out of the box

Anyone who knows me will know that I hate clichés but thinking out of the box really has been the order of the day today. Moving […]
11th March 2014

Unlocking your potential

Sir Winston Churchill once said ‘it is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link […]
10th March 2014

‘The thing that was to change all our lives’

The uncomplicated, yet very fitting words of H. V. Morton, regarding World War 1 and the effect it had on every community in Britain (and of […]
9th March 2014

#10 George Smith of Exeter, Devon

Sometimes family history research brings more than its fair share of challenges when another really common name pops up in your ancestry. Evans marrying Evans, Williams, […]
8th March 2014

International Women’s Day

At the International Socialist Women’s Conference in Copenhagen in 1910, International Women’s Day was established. Initially the aims were to promote the rights of women and […]
7th March 2014

How did it come to be Friday already?

Good heavens! How on earth did this week pass us by so quickly? I think the short answer is, we haven’t stopped here in the offices […]
6th March 2014

As soon as you publish….

A little over ten years ago, a decision was made to publish a journal about the Sillifant surname (my one-name study) and its variant and deviant […]
5th March 2014

Lost English country houses

Although initially, I had no intention of having a theme for this week’s blog entries, the Internet Sites for Local Historians: a directory is literally such […]
4th March 2014

Capital punishment …. for websites of doubtful quality

The quantity and variety of historical resources available on the internet is increasing at an extremely rapid rate and these represent enormously valuable research tools. However […]