10th February 2014

A week of lesser known London sources – Day 1

Most family historians will find their ancestors living and/or working in London at one point in time or another. This week, we are going to focus […]
9th February 2014

#6 Thomas John Elford Oats

Thomas John Elford Oats was the second eldest son of Thomas and Ellen Symons (nee Elford) Oats. Passing on the mother’s maiden name as a middle […]
8th February 2014

On with the snow show!

Heading to this year’s Winter Olympics at the Russian coastal resort of Sochi, the expectations are running as high as they’ve ever been for the Australian […]
7th February 2014

Winter sports introductions – Day 5

Ice Hockey is a fast paced team sport placed on ice, requiring good levels of skill, speed, agility and endurance. Ice hockey made its first appearance […]
6th February 2014

Winter sports introductions – Day 4

Ski jumping was developed in the late nineteenth century in Norway with the aim of the discipline being to jump as far as possible and then […]
5th February 2014

Winter sports introductions – Day 3

Curling is a team sport which evolved in Scotland in the sixteenth century and is played on a rectangular sheet of ice, specially prepared for the […]
4th February 2014

Winter sports introductions – Day 2

Speed skating is a skating discipline which originated in the thirteenth century in Holland, where people practiced skating for crossing the frozen water. However, it was […]
3rd February 2014

Your guide to some Winter Olympic events

We will begin this week’s guide – in the run up to the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi – with the Luge. The […]
2nd February 2014

#5 George Maunder of Mary Tavy, Devon

Some years ago, when researching Richard Sillifant – a rare Sillifant who was not an ‘ag lab’ – I purchased The Victorian Policeman by Simon Dell […]