1st August 2016

Jones, Evans, Williams…. what next….

No task is too big for us at FWL. However sometimes, the challenges are fairly large. “Please can you find David Jones“…. oh heavens! Even tying down the […]
30th July 2016

Meeting of minds

Two weeks ago, I told you about my trip to the Big Smoke. I went again today…. ugh…. not my favourite trip, I have to confess. Reading […]
27th July 2016

Being cautious

The number of times per week (or even per day) we are questioned about the validity of our calls is staggering. Have you any idea how hard […]
24th July 2016

Preparing for the week ahead

When I blog on a Sunday, I often look ahead and consider what we hope/need to achieve in the forthcoming week at FWL. Today has been a rather different […]
22nd July 2016

Behold …. modern day excitement!

Exciting news! Car Number 1 – as in, the normal set of wheels – has returned to FWL Towers. Having been driving around in a rather […]
20th July 2016

It’s such a perfect day

Well, it didn’t start out that way, to be honest. However, at the end of the day, it has been exactly that. Sadly, I made a […]
18th July 2016

The British Summer

Guess what? It’s arrived! With temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius plus today in the FWL Wimborne Office, we are apparently in for a further TWO DAYS […]
16th July 2016

A day in the Big Smoke

For fifteen years (well fourteen really, because one of my University years was actually in Canada!), I lived in Reading. 1996 to 2011, minus September 1998 […]
14th July 2016

The power of patience

Don’t faint in shock. Yes, I can be patient! Not too often mind…. but sometimes it’s worth it. Today, we received a client’s adoption papers. We […]