11th November 2018

Once upon a lifetime

So … readers, it’s been a while. A long while. You might wonder, why? There is so much going on at FWL Empire, writing has (unfortunately) […]
8th April 2018

Where did we go?

Well, indeed…. We disappeared off the radar for a bit there, eh!? We were super busy in Salt Lake City and then came back to base […]
23rd February 2018

Preparing for/Heading to SLC

In April last year, I sat on the train platform at Birmingham International after Who Do You Think You Are? Live and I thought…. Next year….. […]
19th January 2018

STOP PRESS: Family Wise Limited business take-over

As regular followers will know, we recently mentioned a ‘big announcement’. Many people have emailed us to ask what the news is, but we’ve kept it […]
7th January 2018

Happy New Genie-year!

Whilst driving earlier today, I was half-listening to a radio show where the presenters were wittering on about resolutions, including eating healthily, doing more exercise, and […]
25th December 2017

And the winners are ….

Two weeks ago, we (Jennie Fairs and I) opened up our competition for a pair of RootsTech tickets. We are both ambassadors and we decided to […]
10th December 2017

Your chance to win!

Yes, you read it right! It is only two weeks until Christmas and so (although I am a little late according to the schedule – sorry!), […]
3rd December 2017

An apology, a promise and a surprise

Wow! Yes, it has been a while since you last saw us here, blogging about random eccentric finds, amazing offers, occurrences in the world of FWL […]
6th August 2017

Once is a mistake, twice is a choice

No-one in life is perfect, no matter how hard they try. And there are lots of triers in life…. Everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are small […]