28th January 2014

Is 2014 the wettest January ever?

Well, the statistics are hard to find per month, so perhaps we can rephrase that: will 2014 be the wettest year ever? It would have to […]
27th January 2014

Holocaust Memorial Day

69 years ago today, towards the end of World War II, the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz was liberated by the Allies. The anniversary of that […]
26th January 2014

#4 Swansey Langley Keene

When I was younger – so much younger than today (good song that!) – I was lucky enough to have several relatives on my maternal side […]
25th January 2014

Burns Night

The birthday of Robert Burns (1759-96) on 25 January is celebrated by people of Scottish descent all around the world. The central attraction of the Burns […]
24th January 2014

A week of useless knowledge – Day 5

There are many strange laws in Britain and indeed, some very strange individuals involved in politics – including Screaming Lord Sutch, who was the topic of […]
23rd January 2014

A week of useless knowledge – Day 4

Some old British Achievers to share today….. On 21 December 2007, Queen Elizabeth II became the oldest British monarch at 81 years and 8 months, overtaking […]
22nd January 2014

A week of useless knowledge – Day 3

Wednesday is the day for the Top Five Bizarre British Books. All are real titles with details of the author/s, publisher and date of publication: 1. […]
21st January 2014

A more useful Day 2 in ‘A week of useless knowledge’

Yesterday, the headlines were: Schools urged to do more ‘What now?’ I found myself thinking…. Another media spin on what teachers are not doing? But actually, […]
20th January 2014

A week of useless knowledge …. Day 1

The title really does tell the story. This week, we thought we would put together some top X (sometimes two, sometimes ten) compendiums – historical and […]