23rd December 2013

Reindeers, Elves, Fairies…. what next?

Although there were some Reindeers and Elves in the 1911 census, the angels and fairies were a far more interesting bunch. For some reason, angle is […]
22nd December 2013

Desperately seeking Santa

It’s three days until Christmas and the plot has already well and truly been lost. Regular blog followers will know that we enjoy searching censuses for […]
21st December 2013

I don’t want to change my name….

OK, so all researchers have come across this over the years, we are quite sure of that…. But just how many women marry men with the […]
20th December 2013

Toilet brush drawer?

Having spent the past few days coming up with mathematical puzzles for you all, this morning we turned our minds back to the 1911 census. But, […]
19th December 2013

Where did the murder take place? Day 4 ‘A Week of Christmas mystery’

The final clues will help work out where the murder took place…. Mrs Claus received a photograph frame for Christmas from Santa. It was 26cm by 15cm […]
18th December 2013

Why, why, why? Day 3 ‘A Week of Christmas Mystery’

Continuing our mathematical murder mystery week, today you will need to calculate the following clues – up to you whether you use a calculator or not! – […]
17th December 2013

Day 2 of ‘A Week of Christmas Mystery’

Hopefully, yesterday you managed to work out the date of the murder from the clues provided. The following six characters all played a part in the incident, either […]
16th December 2013

A week of Christmas mystery….

This week, we thought we would provide some Christmas cheer – but sadly, a Christmas character has committed a terrible offence. Murder. If December 1 falls […]
15th December 2013

Of Old Christmas Day

Some years ago, we were researching down in Devon at what was then the Devon Record Office, now Devon Heritage Centre. Searching for a marriage at […]