17th December 2013

Day 2 of ‘A Week of Christmas Mystery’

Hopefully, yesterday you managed to work out the date of the murder from the clues provided. The following six characters all played a part in the incident, either […]
16th December 2013

A week of Christmas mystery….

This week, we thought we would provide some Christmas cheer – but sadly, a Christmas character has committed a terrible offence. Murder. If December 1 falls […]
15th December 2013

Of Old Christmas Day

Some years ago, we were researching down in Devon at what was then the Devon Record Office, now Devon Heritage Centre. Searching for a marriage at […]
14th December 2013

Festive cheer

Feeling a little more festive, having completed most of the Christmas Family History projects, I thought I’d have a dabble in the census again and this […]
13th December 2013

St Lucy’s Day

Today, is the feast day of St Lucy, patron saint of blind people, who was martyred at Syracuse in the early fourth century. A devout Christian, […]
12th December 2013

Forbidden to marry

A wonderful image was sent our way today which requires little explanation as the sentiment is quite clear…. It is rather odd to note though that […]
11th December 2013

Enumerated twice?

Back in the days before digitisation of censuses, it was often a great achievement to find the person or family you were searching for within a […]
10th December 2013

What a wonderful day….

A semi-‘day off’ and a trip to the city of Hereford to visit some friends. Lunch in the Cloisters Cafe in the Cathedral was, of course, […]
9th December 2013

The power of networking

To be part of the Family Wise team, part of the job description states ‘thou shalt not be a shy, retiring wallflower’ and later, once employed, […]