27th December 2013

Working with animals

I have often thought that working with animals was a rather strange choice of occupation. No…. I don’t mean training to be a vet, but working […]
26th December 2013

What is the meaning of today, Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts, known as a ‘Christmas box’, from their bosses or employers. […]
25th December 2013

And the answer is….

…. the Reindeer murdered the Elf, Out in the Snow, on 20th December, because he opened my advent calendar! We were overwhelmed with the number of […]
24th December 2013

A very Merry Christmas

Firstly, thank you to all our readers who entered the recent competition – mathematical rather than historical but diversity is a good thing, right? We are […]
23rd December 2013

Reindeers, Elves, Fairies…. what next?

Although there were some Reindeers and Elves in the 1911 census, the angels and fairies were a far more interesting bunch. For some reason, angle is […]
22nd December 2013

Desperately seeking Santa

It’s three days until Christmas and the plot has already well and truly been lost. Regular blog followers will know that we enjoy searching censuses for […]
21st December 2013

I don’t want to change my name….

OK, so all researchers have come across this over the years, we are quite sure of that…. But just how many women marry men with the […]
20th December 2013

Toilet brush drawer?

Having spent the past few days coming up with mathematical puzzles for you all, this morning we turned our minds back to the 1911 census. But, […]
19th December 2013

Where did the murder take place? Day 4 ‘A Week of Christmas mystery’

The final clues will help work out where the murder took place…. Mrs Claus received a photograph frame for Christmas from Santa. It was 26cm by 15cm […]