12th December 2013

Forbidden to marry

A wonderful image was sent our way today which requires little explanation as the sentiment is quite clear…. It is rather odd to note though that […]
11th December 2013

Enumerated twice?

Back in the days before digitisation of censuses, it was often a great achievement to find the person or family you were searching for within a […]
10th December 2013

What a wonderful day….

A semi-‘day off’ and a trip to the city of Hereford to visit some friends. Lunch in the Cloisters Cafe in the Cathedral was, of course, […]
9th December 2013

The power of networking

To be part of the Family Wise team, part of the job description states ‘thou shalt not be a shy, retiring wallflower’ and later, once employed, […]
8th December 2013

Will you accept the genealogical challenge?

Regular readers of the Family Wise blog may well remember the Christmas letter to FC blog post on 17 November. I am still hopeful that FC […]
7th December 2013

A date which will live in infamy

On this day in 1941, the Japanese launched an attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor (it pains me to spell it that way), […]
6th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites: Day 5 – the final frontier

Today, I bring you…. The World Factbook. Originally published semi-annually (until 1980) as the National Basic Intelligence Factbook, county entries included sections on Land, Water, People, […]
5th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 4

Today, is all about newspapers…. Consulting newspapers, periodicals and magazines can provide plenty of background information about your ancestors. The British Library‘s newspaper collections are among […]
4th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 3

Today’s offering for readers is the three Gs! Three for the price of one – now where can you find a deal like that these days? […]