5th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 4

Today, is all about newspapers…. Consulting newspapers, periodicals and magazines can provide plenty of background information about your ancestors. The British Library‘s newspaper collections are among […]
4th December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 3

Today’s offering for readers is the three Gs! Three for the price of one – now where can you find a deal like that these days? […]
3rd December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 2

May I present to you, Histpop …. a website which provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to […]
2nd December 2013

A week of wonderful websites – Day 1

The National Archives holds over eleven million historical government and public records, one of the largest archive collections in the world. From Domesday Book to modern […]
1st December 2013

1 December

Traditionally a day to begin opening the doors on the Advent Calendar but also, in 1990, the day when mainland Britain re-joined continental Europe. The final […]
30th November 2013

30 November

So much choice as today is a historic day in many ways, not least because of the effect of the events of last night in Glasgow. […]
29th November 2013

Pearls of wisdom

I have often wondered if there should be a proverb counter out there somewhere to see how many proverbs are used each day. But today, this […]
28th November 2013

Cats and dogs

Whilst thinking about today’s blog, which was going to be about a rather useful website I located recently, all I have heard is the incessant noise […]
27th November 2013

Hot or cold, Anders?

The Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius was born in Uppsala on this day in 1701. His family originated from Ovanåker in the province of Hälsingland. As the […]