20th October 2013

E is for ….

….Education. Two hundred years ago education, which we take for granted today, was a commodity only available to nobility and the rich. Before the twentieth century, […]
19th October 2013

D is for ….

…. a world of discoveries in family and local history! It could have been for dressmaker, DNA, death, descendant, denomination (of the religious kind) or Devon […]
18th October 2013

C is for ….

….copious counties, censuses, clerks, curates, courts, convicts and today’s C, for christenings. The christening (or baptism) of a child was supposed to take place the first Sunday […]
17th October 2013

B is for ….

…. blooming loads of things! Baptisms, births, books, Bible Christians, blogging, brick walls…. but I decided to go for burials for today’s B. There is so […]
16th October 2013

A is for accuracy

Day 1 of The Genealogist’s A-Z  begins naturally with A – the all important, accuracy. Over the last few days, some entertaining inaccuracies in transcriptions on […]
15th October 2013

Another hat….

Any of my blog followers who know me well, will know that I wear a couple of genealogical hats, most of which are not mentioned on […]
14th October 2013

Prostitution in 1911

Continuing my entertaining searches in the 1911 census, I marvelled today at the number of ice cream manufacturers/sellers born in Italy. But, I moved on quickly. […]
13th October 2013

Suffrage, in many facets

Last night, I spotted an interesting tweet about a page in the 1911 census, making mention of the suffragette movement. And so, just before the witching […]
12th October 2013


How many times do you compliment people each day? Each week? Sometimes, it’s all too easy to go through life only picking up on the negatives. […]