10th October 2013

The daftest question you’ve ever been asked….

Today, I thought I would share with you another Heir Hunting case we worked on just last year. The case was regarding a gentleman who died […]
9th October 2013

Variety is the spice of life

Each week, I attend a network meeting to inform other local business people about Family Wise and what we do. 60 seconds, once a week, to […]
8th October 2013

Exciting times….

What a lot of excited family historians there have been these last few days….! Those who submitted their lecture proposals to the 14th Australasian Congress on […]
7th October 2013

Watch out graveyard! Here I come!

Many readers who reside in the south of England will have woken up to thick fog this morning and a climate which unfortunately shows that we […]
6th October 2013

Family History Christmas

I am guessing that for most people, the last thing you want to think about is Christmas right now but, as I write, it is only 79.5 […]
5th October 2013

Being a local and family historian….

…. takes you to all sorts of places and certainly creates a busy diary. In fact, I am not entirely sure how I managed to fit […]
4th October 2013

And today, I give you a challenge….

Sometimes, no matter how experienced a team of researchers are, they are still unable to crack a problem. And this is a problem in my own […]
3rd October 2013

Does the media help or hinder our work?

When I first started researching my own family history …. good heavens, did I once only look into my own family’s past! …. t’interweb was in […]
2nd October 2013

The wonders of Heir Hunting

You may well be wondering why we are Heir Hunters…. well, let me tell you, it does not make us rich quick! There are many companies […]