17th November 2016

Business challenges

Regular readers will know of our very recent challenges in the new FWL Offices …. planning permission for change of use (retail to office), telephone and […]
13th November 2016

Real people, real places and really good news!

Firstly, some news you have all been waiting for – we have phones and broadband thanks to Steve, the 6th BT Engineer to enter our offices […]
9th November 2016

No idea where to begin

Dear Readers, Sometimes, when I sit down to write the FWL blog, I have a clear vision of the message I want to pass on to […]
6th November 2016

RootsTech 2017 – who wants to be there?

Are you absolutely desperate to attend RootsTech in Salt Lake City next year (2017) but can’t afford it, don’t want to go by yourself etc. etc. […]
3rd November 2016

Victor Meldrew of Wiltshire (ish)

For those readers who are not based in the UK (or those who are and have missed the pleasures of the above named, aka Richard Wilson…. […]
30th October 2016

I remember….

People often ask where my inspiration comes from for FWL blogs. In fact, just last week, a business colleague asked how I blog so frequently! I […]
27th October 2016

Time for the C word

Now…. it’s less than two calendar months until the festive season is well and truly upon us so the light is green on using the C […]
23rd October 2016

A Bachelors Degree in Stupidity

Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss Bereavement Services Bank Employee, I am writing today to make a few small requests of you. Each and every day of the week, I have the […]
21st October 2016

What makes a good speaker?

To me, this is a really interesting question…. I have listened to hundreds of speakers over the years in various guises from education training (my previous career) […]