4th September 2016

And finally…. new premises!

We can barely contain our excitement…. we have finally signed the lease and we are moving!!! Our new residence at 5 St Marys Courtyard, Church Street, […]
1st September 2016

Rockstar Genealogist Awards

Each year, John D. Reid of Anglo-Celtic Connections has the unenviable task of masterminding the ‘Rockstar Genealogist Awards‘. It was his brainchild but I have to […]
30th August 2016

Historic Bank Holiday weekend

It is a rare occasion when we close the offices of FWL Towers for two days, as we are normally open Monday to Saturday. However, this […]
27th August 2016

Competition time

To whom it may concern: Firstly, an apology…. I am going to use a word which would normally not be uttered on this blog…. well, not […]
25th August 2016

So worthwhile

Aside from a monumental amount of paperwork this week, it’s been good. In fact, better than good. For over a year, we’ve been working with a […]
21st August 2016

Making history

Few people around the globe (in the First World at least) could possibly have missed the fact that Brazil have been hosting the 2016 Olympics over […]
19th August 2016

Market research

Years ago, when computer monitors were packed into cubed boxes for transportation rather than a box the size of a lever arch file, or forming part […]
15th August 2016

The importance of good systems

Usually, our days are driven by the Bonavacantia Division and the new list which they publish daily. Some days, they publish the daily list with no new […]
12th August 2016

Keys, frogs and trees

Exciting times ahead! We have keys to our new office…..! There are still some formality hoops to leap through but, in the meantime, we can start […]