20th June 2016

Nasty case of scrambled brain

No alarm clock required. Monday morning came around far too quickly. Woke up and was working before 8am. More cases in my head than I have […]
19th June 2016

Innings and outing

It’s fair to say, I do a fair bit of travelling in my job as MD of FWL. Trains, planes and automobiles…. more the latter than […]
17th June 2016

Alien abduction

The world is a mighty strange place right now with some events taking place which really should not feature in our newsfeeds in the 21st century. Why do people […]
15th June 2016

A crazy 24 hours

We have some fairly interesting 24 hour periods at FWL, but this last set features pretty highly on our Top Ten Bonkers List. Before the week began, […]
12th June 2016

Well I never….

Life is full of surprises. You think you have a plan and then something unexpected pops up. As MD of FWL, I do like to have […]
10th June 2016

The Team

The FWL Team is, quite frankly, amazing. Since our appearance on Family Finders only two weeks ago, work has been pouring in. Seriously. we have been staggered […]
8th June 2016

Oh my actual “God”!

It has been a while since we ‘talked census‘ on the blog. There are so many stories we could share from our findings, but we do […]
6th June 2016

All good news…. isn’t it?

Sadly this year, I did not attend the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in person. It’s the first time in three years and I was very sad […]
4th June 2016

How long is a piece of string?

Over the last ten (not all working) days, it’s been extremely busy at FWL Towers since our appearance on Family Finders. We have had nearly one hundred […]