12th May 2016

Beyond grateful

Since I started blogging in earnest, a fair few posts have related to being grateful, saying thank you and such like. The world is, it sometimes […]
10th May 2016

Inspiring others

Well, that’s been quite an amazing couple of days …. we work hard here at FWL Towers so, to say that in the last 36 hours we’ve […]
8th May 2016

Harry Houdini – characters who hide

… or worse, disappear…. we all have them. Every family. Why oh why do they do that!? Is it to challenge the genealogists of the future? Did they […]
6th May 2016

The craziest of schedules

Dear Diary (the calendar and planning kind of one), I am, quite frankly, shattered. Exhausted to the point of not posting a blog yesterday. Why, you […]
3rd May 2016

I am a survivor!

But heavens, how did I survive? I have done the A to Z blogging challenge before but this year seemed so much harder…. we are certainly […]
30th April 2016

Z for Zealots

There have been a few tough nuts to crack during the A-Z blog and the last of the lot, Z, had a fairly short list of […]
30th April 2016

Y for Youth

The best time to start doing family history is ‘in your youth‘ as there are (hopefully) family members from older generations still around to assist with names, dates, […]
28th April 2016

X marks the spot

This was always destined to be one of the more challenging letters of the A-Z blog list. X can always revert to the lazy X…. along […]
27th April 2016

W for Wonderful World of Webinars

Modern technology is wonderful. When I first started researching my own family history (when I was a “microbe” – Pa FWL’s parlance for being a youngster, i.e. under […]