24th February 2016

Thank heaven for genetics

If you are opening this page, expecting me to wax lyrical about DNA testing in genealogy, click that red button now. No, today is nothing about […]
21st February 2016

Go Compare: WDYTYA vs RootsTech

Since my return from Salt Lake City, I have participated in two Google+ Hangouts to provide some feedback on the event – one for The Surname Society […]
20th February 2016

When Yes Means No

Personally, I am pretty good at stating my opinion (you may have noticed!), whether it needs to be declared openly or privately. I am delighted that, all […]
18th February 2016

Open letter to Commercial Genealogy Companies

To whom it may concern: I am writing today in the hope that you can take action over a very important issue. As a subscription-based service […]
17th February 2016

The passing of another great….

2016 has been the year of sad loss. Some personal loss at FWL but more so in the wider public eye. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan […]
14th February 2016

Two sides to every story

I was reading earlier today (a rare treat for me) and I stumbled across a website called Little Things Matter when I was researching. Way back in 2010, there […]
12th February 2016

Back to normality

…. whatever that is meant to be! Valuations of stamp collections, clocks, stocks and shares, completion of Inheritance Tax forms, contacting banks, building societies and no […]
9th February 2016

Back to the homeland

CiCoNO and I are now back in the homeland. The Eagles have landed. The luggage has arrived in one piece (just)…. well, two pieces of me, […]
9th February 2016

Park City and Utah Olympic Park

RootsTech 2016. It’s over. How did that happen? Well, on Saturday night, I could easily have told you how that occurred. Being an Ambassador is a […]