10th March 2016

How is it Thursday?

The week has been just crazy. More crazy than ever and most weeks are pretty nuts. The major factors resulting in increased nuttiness are travel issues, weather, […]
8th March 2016

Guilty of ….?

Tracing back into our ancestral histories, we often uncover untold stories. Perhaps stories our family members (or the families we are researching) might not have wished […]
5th March 2016

Family Wise Limited….. the brand

Once upon a time, there was an employee. An employee who was happy in her job. An employee who was reportedly “excellent” in her field. An […]
3rd March 2016

Getting the right result

Don’t worry. I have not totally lost the plot. I am not writing about sport all of a sudden. Since my return from Salt Lake City […]
2nd March 2016

Best laid plans

Plans. Right. They are a great idea. No kidding. They work …. some of the time. Sometimes though, everything conspires against them. Even the best laid ones. […]
28th February 2016

A day of rest?

Sunday…. it’s the day after Saturday and before Monday. Part of the weekend. For those who follow the Christian faith, Sunday is a day of worship […]
25th February 2016

An update on proceedings

My last blog was not an overly positive one. Well, it was in part but in general, the car window being smashed and the long drive […]
24th February 2016

Thank heaven for genetics

If you are opening this page, expecting me to wax lyrical about DNA testing in genealogy, click that red button now. No, today is nothing about […]
21st February 2016

Go Compare: WDYTYA vs RootsTech

Since my return from Salt Lake City, I have participated in two Google+ Hangouts to provide some feedback on the event – one for The Surname Society […]