29th January 2016

FWL travels – Part 1

The travels actually began yesterday, 28th January, when myself and Chief in Charge of the Northern Office (CiCoNO) made our independent ways to London. Hounslow to […]
28th January 2016

So near and yet so far….

Wow. Is it actually possible that I will be leaving the office in just a few short hours? Apparently so. Although I am very excited about […]
26th January 2016

Preparing for RootsTech

“Missing. One MD of FWL. Last seen heading towards Swindon Outlet Centre. If found, please return to FWL HQ in Calne.” Fear not. The wanderer has […]
23rd January 2016

Customer service – good vs awful

We – FWL – pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Just this week, we have had several clients/potential beneficiaries comment on how professional our staff are. That’s crucial […]
21st January 2016

Chime, Knock, Wobble

Haha…. so that got your attention! What were you thinking when you read the title of this blog, I wonder!? Today has been a different day […]
20th January 2016

Record breakers….

We’ve been talking a lot today about breaking records in the office and it reminded me of Roy Castle. Roy was a dancer, singer, musician and […]
19th January 2016

Researching your Ancestors in England and Wales

Baffled by British records? Then look no further for an insight into how to research from afar and what you can find without leaving the comfort […]
19th January 2016

Searching for Surnames – Challenges pitfalls and the downright ridiculous.

With increased indexing and transcription of records, often linked to digitised images on free and commercial websites, searching for an individual or collecting references to everyone […]
17th January 2016

Battering my head….

…. against brickwalls…. all day!! And it’s Sunday as well…. Brickwalls are part of our A-game. Every day. We succeed where others fail. In recent months, we […]