20th January 2016

Record breakers….

We’ve been talking a lot today about breaking records in the office and it reminded me of Roy Castle. Roy was a dancer, singer, musician and […]
19th January 2016

Researching your Ancestors in England and Wales

Baffled by British records? Then look no further for an insight into how to research from afar and what you can find without leaving the comfort […]
19th January 2016

Searching for Surnames – Challenges pitfalls and the downright ridiculous.

With increased indexing and transcription of records, often linked to digitised images on free and commercial websites, searching for an individual or collecting references to everyone […]
17th January 2016

Battering my head….

…. against brickwalls…. all day!! And it’s Sunday as well…. Brickwalls are part of our A-game. Every day. We succeed where others fail. In recent months, we […]
15th January 2016

Can I cancel my taxi please?

10:08pm. Friday 15 January. The office phone is ringing. The office has been closed for an hour and eight minutes but I am still here and […]
14th January 2016

Inspiring others

When I was a little girl, I was inspired to start looking into my ancestry by my maternal grandfather who had already begun the process of tracing […]
11th January 2016

You cannot be serious!

The phrase “You cannot be serious!” was made famous by John McEnroe at Wimbledon in 1981 during his first round match against Tom Gullikson. He hurled […]
10th January 2016

Never say die

This job ain’t easy you know! Yes, it’s very rewarding but sometimes – whether Heir Hunting, tracing work or a client’s family history – it takes guts, determination, […]
8th January 2016

Lady luck and the Doctors of Spin

Another interesting 48 hours has passed and I am pleased to tell you that these last 48 hours have been infinitely better than Monday and Tuesday, […]