20th December 2015


Here we are, not quite switched off (the electronic devices) for the evening, watching SPOTY…. on walks Eddie Izzard (in a rather unusual outfit) to award […]
19th December 2015

Christmas Card etiquette

I like receiving Christmas cards. This week, I have received several handfuls, interspersed with certificates, case updates, bills, bank statements and so forth. I still haven’t […]
18th December 2015

Faith, Hope, Charity…. and Luck

“Tis the season to be jolly…. Fa la la la la, la la la la….”. That’s about as much of Deck The Halls as I can grace you […]
17th December 2015

Are you Christmasly-challenged?

It would appear that some people in my area have already been Christmasly-challenged. For those readers not living near me, the weather is (currently) very mild […]
16th December 2015

Dear Father Christmas

I know…. I know…. it’s rather late to be writing my letter to you this year. But do you know what….? This year has just been […]
15th December 2015

Moving goalposts

Oh, how I love it when the goalposts which are seemingly concreted firmly into the ground are suddenly – and without warning – moved. This week […]
13th December 2015

Memories and reflections

Life is full of memories. Some good and some bad. Yesterday, in The Surname Society Hangout, we discussed how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and I reflected […]
12th December 2015

And I am telling you….

…. I’m not going….” The song, from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls, was sung by the character Effie White, a singer with the girl group The Dreams, to […]
11th December 2015

That was the day that was

This morning starting in a somewhat different way – waking at 5:30am without an alarm, with my contact lenses still in and my laptop still on my lap! Hence, […]