21st November 2015

Among friends….

Some days are planned but most are not. Today (for me, at least) was planned down to the last minute detail. My main travel plan was […]
20th November 2015

Playing dirty

Ethics and honesty are two of our core values at FWL. Among other things, we trace beneficiaries in intestate cases – where people die without leaving […]
18th November 2015

A cunning plan

“I have a cunning plan” …. the famous words of actor Sir Tony Robinson when playing Baldrick in the long-running BBC historic comedy television series Blackadder. In […]
18th November 2015

Want something done?

I am sure most of you can guess where this one is headed. Want something done? You guessed it…. ask a busy person. Well, this busy […]
17th November 2015

Away with the fairies

Over the last week or two, a fair few certificates we have ordered have, quite frankly, contained information which is less than 100% factual. On some […]
15th November 2015

Fun at the zoo

Today, we are back in the zone – the genealogy zone. It’s Sunday but that doesn’t stop us! FWL is not just a job. It’s a […]
14th November 2015

Dictatorship – no thanks!

The streets of Paris are dark. Landmarks are lit up across the globe. Mass casualties. We have sat back and let other world leaders lead the […]
13th November 2015

The power of networking

Team FWL have been working their socks off in various locations across the globe today and it has been a very hectic day for me, as […]
12th November 2015

The importance of accuracy

Following on from my blog entitled Are you sure about that? on 11 November, over the last few days I have been utterly amazed at the inaccuracy and […]