5th November 2015

When is it reasonable to….?

At the time of writing, I am well past the point at which I would even vaguely consider picking up the telephone to call someone in […]
4th November 2015

When days just happen

As regular readers will know, I used to have a very different ‘day job’ to what I do now. In my past life, each day was […]
3rd November 2015

The 1939 Register

It’s been ‘the talk of the town’…. the genealogical ‘town’ anyway! I have barely managed to look at social media today without people discussing the cost, […]
1st November 2015

Here endeth another weekend

OK folks, I am curious …. what have you been up to this weekend? It’s been Hallowe’en and the Rugby World Cup Final (as mentioned yesterday) […]
31st October 2015

Happy Hallowe’en

T’would be fair to say that Hallowe’en has become much more popular in recent decades than when I was a young person…. but let’s face it, […]
31st October 2015

And the winner is….

…. Mike Quackenbush! You have won my RootsTech pass giveaway! I’ll be sending you more details via email…. When I put my giveaway details out there […]
29th October 2015


That caught your eye, eh!? Well, for those non-British readers, codswallop is an emphatic way for us Brits to say that something is nonsense. Worldwidewords.org states that the […]
29th October 2015

27 hours to go!

It is the largest family history conference in the world and I have never been. Well, in 2016, I am going to change that. I am off […]
28th October 2015

Taking pride in communications

In 2012, I founded FWL and I am very protective of ‘the brand’. Every single communication, from email to letter, research report to family tree, telephone […]