24th October 2015

Decrapifying the office

Truth be told, I have now been doing genealogy/family history/call-it-what-you-will for nearly two decades. Shocking, I know! Most people who decide to dig into their history […]
23rd October 2015

Frantic Friday

Best laid plans eh….? Well, today wasn’t a military precision planning day but there were some crucial interlocking jigsaw pieces which had been carefully scheduled to make […]
22nd October 2015

What does independent mean?

An independent variable in an experiment is the variable you have control over, the one which you choose and can alter. It is usually what you think will […]
22nd October 2015

Timed to perfection

Wednesday night is a time for reflection …. five years ago, where were you and what were you doing? Me….well, I had just started a new job at […]
21st October 2015

One of the tougher days….

At the start of each day, when you wake up, what are your first thoughts? All the jobs you didn’t do yesterday? What you are going […]
19th October 2015

When a Fortune isn’t a Fortune!

We are currently administrating an estate in the name of Fortune …. cue hilarious jokes. Sadly, it is far from a fortune in monetary terms and […]
18th October 2015

Upgrading technology

Once upon a time, many decades ago, a mobile phone was just that…. a mobile phone. You could make and receive calls and text messages. That […]
17th October 2015

I am an Ambassador!

Wahey! Having booked my flights and hotel to attend my first ever RootsTech Conference in 2016, I was delighted to hear yesterday that my application to be […]
16th October 2015

Queer goings on….

Well, it’s been a queer day today for sure. Very little of my life each week conforms to what ‘normal people’ call routine but one constant […]