31st October 2015

And the winner is….

…. Mike Quackenbush! You have won my RootsTech pass giveaway! I’ll be sending you more details via email…. When I put my giveaway details out there […]
29th October 2015


That caught your eye, eh!? Well, for those non-British readers, codswallop is an emphatic way for us Brits to say that something is nonsense. Worldwidewords.org states that the […]
29th October 2015

27 hours to go!

It is the largest family history conference in the world and I have never been. Well, in 2016, I am going to change that. I am off […]
28th October 2015

Taking pride in communications

In 2012, I founded FWL and I am very protective of ‘the brand’. Every single communication, from email to letter, research report to family tree, telephone […]
26th October 2015

New Monday, new week, new goals

Well, one thing is for certain, it’s been a rollercoaster Monday! Cases going from cracked to ‘a slight spanner in the works’, from under our administration […]
25th October 2015

Project Decrapification

Welcome to exhaustion. Yes, it is fair to say I am absolutely shattered. For some stupid reason, despite wanting to have a lie in more than […]
24th October 2015

Decrapifying the office

Truth be told, I have now been doing genealogy/family history/call-it-what-you-will for nearly two decades. Shocking, I know! Most people who decide to dig into their history […]
23rd October 2015

Frantic Friday

Best laid plans eh….? Well, today wasn’t a military precision planning day but there were some crucial interlocking jigsaw pieces which had been carefully scheduled to make […]
22nd October 2015

What does independent mean?

An independent variable in an experiment is the variable you have control over, the one which you choose and can alter. It is usually what you think will […]