20th September 2015

Footprints in the sand

In the nineteenth century, what would our ancestor’s footprints have looked like? Probably not so different to our physical footprints today. However, our ancestors left a very […]
19th September 2015

Hitting the headlines

The Rockstar Genealogist Awards have now been running for four years and momentum has built year-on-year. Changes have been made based on feedback given by individuals […]
18th September 2015

#4N works….

As regular blog readers will know, today was a day out of the office for me (MD@FWL) at Wolverhampton Racecourse for The Business Networking Show. Although I […]
17th September 2015

Rockstar on the Road

‘Tis true, this Rockstar has left the office. For a whole 24 hours. Will any work be done in my absence!? It darned well better be! […]
16th September 2015

More honours and The Rule Book

And today, I awoke to yet more honours – No. 8 in the Canadian Rockstars list! Thank you so much to all the Canadian voters. Another interesting […]
16th September 2015

Honoured, stunned and delighted

I make no apology for this post. People who follow me on Twitter or are connected with me on Facebook or LinkedIn may well have heard […]
14th September 2015

Madness and success

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to FWL! Oh my goodness gracious me – 730 blogs! Every single day for two years…. That’s madness! For those who have missed out […]
13th September 2015

Golden Balls

I am pretty sure that some of you read that title and wondered what on earth this blog would be about. Golden Balls? Well, it was […]
12th September 2015

Heading up Silver Street….

…. it sure is a common street name in England. There is also railway station in London between Edmonton Green and White Hart Lane (home of Tottenham Football […]