2nd September 2015

Mountain goats

You are probably wondering if I have finally completely lost the plot this evening but please, don’t panic – all is not lost. There is method in […]
1st September 2015

Needing inspiration?

Have you ever stared at a blank screen waiting for inspiration? For that course essay which is due this week (or more likely, tomorrow!)….? Or for […]
31st August 2015

Is it Sunday today?

What a mighty odd day it has been today! Summer Bank Holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. No mail, hardly any emails and even more […]
30th August 2015

Never give up

Over the past nine days, I have eagerly watched the World Athletics Championships from Beijing. No, I have not stayed up until stupid-o’clock to watch the […]
29th August 2015

Telling porkies

Hmm…. and, at times, grrr …. Our sphere of work can be challenging. In fact, it is most days of the week. I cannot count the […]
28th August 2015

The ‘to-do’ list

I mentioned earlier in the week that the ‘to-do’ list is god and this week, I have knocked off some hefty tasks which have been hanging […]
27th August 2015

Who Do You Think You Are?

OK…. it’s a fairly obvious title and yes, I am in the midst of watching Derek Jacobi on the new series of WDYTYA on BBC1 whilst […]
26th August 2015

Less BSOs please!

….Oh, so that caught your attention? What is a BSO? Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra? Building Supplies Online? The British School of Osteopathy? Actually none of the above…. […]
25th August 2015

Sorry seems to be….

…. the easiest word in the world. Most of Tuesday was extremely successful and my main working day ended (along with step count, distance, active minutes and […]