12th September 2015

Heading up Silver Street….

…. it sure is a common street name in England. There is also railway station in London between Edmonton Green and White Hart Lane (home of Tottenham Football […]
11th September 2015

And the bronze medal goes to….?

Regular readers of the FWL blog will more than likely be aware of my penchant for a bit of athletics viewing. I am no great athlete […]
10th September 2015

Important events …. anniversaries etc.

Over the course of a year, we all have important dates in our lives. Some move and some don’t. Birthdays seem to come around consistently each […]
10th September 2015

Is it just me or ….?

Many people see me as a ‘wise owl’ kind of character…. they ask my advice and consider me to be a knowledgeable person in certain realms. […]
9th September 2015

What’s that coming over the hill?

…. is it a Rockstar?! Oh I know…. I missed my vocation! I should have been a stand-up comedian (NOT!). Did you know that some genealogists […]
8th September 2015

Managing expectations

I am sure many business owners have heard the phrase “under promise, over deliver” but how many people actually achieve this? Managing customer expectations is very difficult […]
6th September 2015


I have a confession to make. I am officially old. When I started researching my own family history, I had to leave my house to do it. The […]
5th September 2015

A problem shared….

There is a proverb, “a problem shared is a problem halved“, but is this really the case? Surely, if you share the problem, then you are burdening […]
4th September 2015

When to switch?

Some regular readers of the FWL blog may well recall my recent issues with a certain mobile network provider. Yes – VODAFONE. They decided they would […]