22nd August 2015

So you want something for nothing…?

I am so sorry to hear that your boiler isn’t working. I guess you’d be best advised to call out a plumber. Oh, you don’t want […]
22nd August 2015

Back to family and local history

Often our working days are spent deep in paperwork on Heir Hunting cases in the offices of FWL. The volume of rainforest used in our line […]
21st August 2015

In the Premier League

Whoa Neddy! This week has been absolutely bonkers. From Cornwall and back to FWL HQ, nibbling critters to grief close to home, the week has been […]
19th August 2015

Words rarely fail me

…. but today, they have. A more roller-coaster-esque day I doubt I have ever seen. Despite being a member of the best 4N group in the […]
18th August 2015

Putting my waders on

As regular readers will know, I have been down in the FWL South West Office for a few days – well, since Sunday. I was delighted […]
17th August 2015

Weird and wonderful journeys

Tracing family histories is a journey of discovery, each and every time. People start knowing little about their heritage and often have stories which have been passed […]
16th August 2015

Back to my roots

Once upon a time, in a generation or two back from now, my ancestors were born, bred and continually resided in Devon. It wasn’t until my […]
15th August 2015

Playing to your strengths

FWL has grown exponentially in the last year. The team is expanding at a rapid rate and I am really enjoying getting to know my team members and […]
14th August 2015

And finally, the penny drops

Ever since FWL has been a full-time commitment for me, I have been a networker. Regular readers will know that I am a member of BNI […]