6th September 2015


I have a confession to make. I am officially old. When I started researching my own family history, I had to leave my house to do it. The […]
5th September 2015

A problem shared….

There is a proverb, “a problem shared is a problem halved“, but is this really the case? Surely, if you share the problem, then you are burdening […]
4th September 2015

When to switch?

Some regular readers of the FWL blog may well recall my recent issues with a certain mobile network provider. Yes – VODAFONE. They decided they would […]
4th September 2015

Giving up….

There is a time and a place. You want to moan about someone or something? It’s probably better to vent in private and then decide whether you […]
2nd September 2015

Mountain goats

You are probably wondering if I have finally completely lost the plot this evening but please, don’t panic – all is not lost. There is method in […]
1st September 2015

Needing inspiration?

Have you ever stared at a blank screen waiting for inspiration? For that course essay which is due this week (or more likely, tomorrow!)….? Or for […]
31st August 2015

Is it Sunday today?

What a mighty odd day it has been today! Summer Bank Holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. No mail, hardly any emails and even more […]
30th August 2015

Never give up

Over the past nine days, I have eagerly watched the World Athletics Championships from Beijing. No, I have not stayed up until stupid-o’clock to watch the […]
29th August 2015

Telling porkies

Hmm…. and, at times, grrr …. Our sphere of work can be challenging. In fact, it is most days of the week. I cannot count the […]