16th August 2015

Back to my roots

Once upon a time, in a generation or two back from now, my ancestors were born, bred and continually resided in Devon. It wasn’t until my […]
15th August 2015

Playing to your strengths

FWL has grown exponentially in the last year. The team is expanding at a rapid rate and I am really enjoying getting to know my team members and […]
14th August 2015

And finally, the penny drops

Ever since FWL has been a full-time commitment for me, I have been a networker. Regular readers will know that I am a member of BNI […]
13th August 2015

No need to feel guilty

More often than not, when we engage with potential beneficiaries about a deceased person’s estate, they have no idea that their relation has died. Some entitled […]
12th August 2015

Healthy competition

Life is full of competition. In school, young people compete to get the best grades. They compete to get picked for what is perceived as being ‘the […]
11th August 2015

‘Off the tools?’ …. yeah right!

Yesterday, I commented that I had a heap of tasks to complete and that today would be a ‘day of writing‘ (some may consider that similar […]
10th August 2015

Tackling the tough stuff

On your list of things to do tomorrow, what will be the first thing you tick/cross off? For most people, the answer to that is a […]
9th August 2015

Playing it safe v Being challenged

We are all in this world to be someone. You may not have a burning desire to ‘make a difference’ in a particular field but you’d […]
8th August 2015

Administrative tasks – friend or foe?

Recently, Saturday has taken on a new meaning in the offices of FWL. It is the day of filing. The amount of paper which now comes […]