17th June 2015

Why I love my job

To whom it may concern:  Out there in the big wide ‘Western World’, there are an enormous number of people who dread Mondays and wish their […]
16th June 2015

Knowing when to give up

In our line of work, we have to be terriers. We have to keep working on cases (whether Heir Hunting, adoption, family history or whatever) until we […]
15th June 2015

Unexpectedly brilliant Monday

Am I the only one who has no clue what day it is, most days of the week? Without my diary, I would be utterly lost. […]
14th June 2015

A weekend away from Wiltshire

As you will have worked out from yesterday’s blog, I have been away for the weekend in Dorset. Having spent almost all of my first eighteen years […]
13th June 2015

The meeting of the Tarrant and the Stour

Anne-Marie Edwards informed me in Waterside Walks in Dorset that: “From an attractive village raised footbridges cross the gardens of an old mill and field paths lead […]
12th June 2015

What relevance does today have?

Over my years of blogging, there are many occasions when I have written about the importance of the day/date, or in other words, ‘on this day […]
11th June 2015

What a difference a day makes

“…. 24 little hours …. Brought the sun and the flowers ….Where there used to be rain” – oh so true! Positive blog post yesterday but possibly […]
10th June 2015

Me? On a small screen….?

Amazingly, ’tis soon to be so. I cannot say too much but in two weeks time, I will be heading south to film with Qui êtes-vous? – the […]
9th June 2015

And breathe….

This evening should have been an early-ish finish for me. My last meeting was scheduled to end at 8:15pm. By 9pm, I should have been at […]