11th June 2015

What a difference a day makes

“…. 24 little hours …. Brought the sun and the flowers ….Where there used to be rain” – oh so true! Positive blog post yesterday but possibly […]
10th June 2015

Me? On a small screen….?

Amazingly, ’tis soon to be so. I cannot say too much but in two weeks time, I will be heading south to film with Qui êtes-vous? – the […]
9th June 2015

And breathe….

This evening should have been an early-ish finish for me. My last meeting was scheduled to end at 8:15pm. By 9pm, I should have been at […]
8th June 2015

Tragic? Not really….

Yesterday, I wrote about Tragic Adeline Boddy who, according to the GRO indexes, was born in Lambeth in June quarter 1840. I had a funny feeling […]
7th June 2015

Words fail me, but thankfully not Tragic

That is not a common occurrence. Last weekend, I was in Canada. I think I was born with Canadian blood as I have more in common […]
6th June 2015

Are some people too trusting?

Today, I have been quite amazed by the stupidity of folk in various guises. Some of these guises will not be made available for public consumption so […]
5th June 2015

That was the week that was

At the beginning of this week, I was hard at work trying to figure out how to Fedex a parcel from a hotel in Toronto to FTDNA […]
4th June 2015

Reality vs fantasy

Reality has kicked in and, as I mentioned yesterday, I am ‘back in the groove’. Not quite readjusted as yet – well, I have in terms […]
3rd June 2015

Back in the groove….

Did someone say I was away in Canada until yesterday morning, lecturing on the main stage at the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in Barrie? I am […]