17th April 2019

O is for for Oops, oooh’s and Uh Oh’s: The Shocking Surprises of Family History Research

 The accidental breakthrough Isn’t it great when you accidentally find a connection whilst researching your own or someone’s family history? These ‘oops’ moments of delight don’t […]
16th April 2019

N for News

A Brief History of Journalism and the News   In the very early, early days, the news was spread from person to person via word of […]
15th April 2019

M is for Missing in Action (M.I.A)

Gone but not forgotten In the First World War over one million British and Empire soldiers, sailors and airmen died. Men would fight and die in […]
13th April 2019

L is for Love

For today’s blog, one of our senior case managers has selected four photos to illustrate love! This should get you feeling particularly romantic, we hope you […]
12th April 2019

K is for Kin

Love them or hate them, they’re still in your family      How often do we hear angry children shout ‘I’ll kill you’ when they can’t […]
11th April 2019

J is for Joke!

  Ah, we all love a good joke, especially when they’re all related to genealogy and family history! Here are a few of our favourite jokes […]
11th April 2019

I is for Identity: When Family History meets Identity

In today’s blog, we have written a poem describing what it is like when family history meets Identity. Watch the video below, we hope you enjoy […]
9th April 2019

H is for House

Bish, bash, bosh, a video has been made! Take a look at how houses have changed through the years here.     From one video to […]
8th April 2019

G for Graveyard: Why do we have so much respect for the dead?

Is a graveyard the same thing as a cemetery? Believe it or not, graveyards and cemeteries are not the same thing. In fact, a graveyard is […]