7th March 2015

Winning medals

It’s the European Indoor Athletic Championships this weekend. I’ve managed to find a few minutes to watch some of the coverage (after a meeting of surname […]
6th March 2015

Good vs bad choices

This morning was (yet another) early start. Out of the house by 5:30am. Ugh…. Hey, I shouldn’t complain I guess as I used to be up five […]
5th March 2015

How special are you?

Well, I certainly felt special when I returned to the office this afternoon to find no less than FOUR special deliveries were being held for me […]
4th March 2015

Far and wide

As local, social and family historians, our work at FWL is diverse. One day, we could be investigating a house history in Lincolnshire and the next […]
3rd March 2015

The value of ‘being nice’

Some days I blog about genealogical finds, sometimes I write about FWL and sometimes it’s slightly more random …. Often people say ‘how do you find something […]
2nd March 2015


What do you want to achieve this year? What are your goals and aspirations? How are you going to accomplish your objectives? Back in 1949, a […]
1st March 2015

The Sunday Surgery

I do love a good random search of various websites for unfortunate names, don’t you? Well, this weekend has been the turn of the ailment department. Measles, […]
28th February 2015

Even (or only) on a Saturday

So what did Saturday hold for you? How many of you had a leisurely day off? Watched some sport on the television? I’ll lay money on […]
27th February 2015

Why would you?

During our research into the past, many of us discover some truly splendiferous information about our ancestors. Sometimes this relates to their antics and sometimes just their […]