3rd April 2019

C is for Childhood

In today’s blog, we have 18 short poems we would like to share with you. Each poem will be in the first person of a child […]
2nd April 2019

D is for Death

    Causes of death have been recorded in burial registers and civil registrations for hundreds of years.  Some of the terms are now archaic, old-fashioned […]
2nd April 2019

B is for Bastardisation

Where did the word originate from?    The English dictionary refers to bastardisation as two things: To debase or corrupt To declare illegitimate This transitive verb and […]
1st April 2019

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge: A for Asylum

Asylum – a place of refuge or a house of horror? Asylum is a word we hear often. Thousands of refugees escaping from peril in their […]
29th March 2019

What’s the difference between Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday?

  An ancient tradition, Christian celebration or capitalist construction?   Similar to Christmas, the origins of this national holiday are a bit fluffy. Let’s start with one […]
26th March 2019

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge 2019

We have some exciting news!   FWL will be getting involved in the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge! Over 26 days a blog will go out […]
28th February 2019

From tough fishing towns to lacy night gowns: the life of Ginette Dixon

Our story starts with Giovanni Rossi, a lad like any other, growing up in the north-east of England. Employment opportunities at this time favoured those who […]
25th February 2019

Fine clothing hiding a secret: the life of Raoul Richards

“He must have spent it all!” “He knew how to live!” These words were offered up by cousins when learning of the death of Raoul Richards, […]
23rd February 2019

The longest day of my life

Today, is Saturday. But as I write this, it’s the end of the longest Friday of my life. The Friday which has reminded me/taught me so […]