26th December 2014

And there it went….

All that planning…. and now, it’s pretty much over already! Boxing Day is upon us. If you missed it this time last year, take a look […]
25th December 2014

So here it is….

….Merry Christmas and we hope ‘everybody’s having fun’! ‘Look to the future now, It’s only just begun….’…. This time of year is definitely one for reflection […]
24th December 2014

Antlers and alcohol

One more day until the big event that we have all been planning for for …. hmmm! Well, some people for months, some for weeks and […]
23rd December 2014

Mistletoe and marbles

‘Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine’…. sang Cliff Richard, way back in 1988. Heavens…. That makes feel rather old! The single was Cliff Richard’s 99th and it became his […]
22nd December 2014

Twerps, twits and trollops

Having travelled around a bit this year, I am told that we – the English – are world-renowned for our ‘interesting use of language’. I don’t […]
21st December 2014

Smith … but William Hewett Smith at least! (#50)

William Hewett Smith has been at the top of my Smith tree for many years. It won’t surprise you to know that it is not a […]
20th December 2014

Inventive? Or just plain crackers?

Genealogy is full of interesting finds to keep us entertained and amused in our research. Mulling over the requirements for the forthcoming weeks, this week I […]
19th December 2014

Right ol’ rigmarole

Do you ever get to Christmas feeling fully prepared? Well this year, I have a confession. It is December 19th and I, so far, have managed […]
18th December 2014

How long is a piece of string?

…. well, it’s a frequently used phrase, as so many people ask such odd questions! Like, how much does it cost to trace my family history? Or, […]