17th December 2014

Charles Dickens, English GCSE and the festive season

Many years ago, in a land not so far, far from here, I was a GCSE student. Yes, I am young enough not to have done ‘O-levels’ […]
16th December 2014

You only live once

Events across the globe are certainly making unpleasant listening/reading over the last 48 hours. Sydney, Pennsylvania and now Pakistan…. Why can we not all live together, […]
15th December 2014

Random Monday waffles

Tomorrow, I’ll think of some other way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day. Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind (1936) Did you know that […]
14th December 2014

Richard Sillifant (#49), the rabbit trapper (1875-1945)

Richard Sillifant was born in 1875, the fifth of eight known children of Isaac and Ann (née Heard) Sillifant. In 1881, Isaac and his family lived at […]
13th December 2014

Every cloud has a silver lining

Goodness me, 2014 has thrown up a fair number of challenges but the saying is true – you can derive some benefit from every ‘bad’ thing that […]
12th December 2014

Marconi and the first transatlantic radio signal

On the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th month exactly 113 years ago, Guglielmo Marconi received the first transatlantic radio signal – the […]
11th December 2014

And yet more astonishing finds!

Having checked out the reindeers yesterday, today I moved on to the elves in Santa’s workshop who make the toys, take care of the reindeer and […]
10th December 2014


Having had a fairly ‘entertaining’ 24 hours – translate ‘entertaining’ to ‘god awful’ – I decided today to delve into the ‘amusing finds’ file to cheer […]
9th December 2014

Oh good heavens….

Or ‘Great Scott!’ as the Doc said, frequently in Back to The Future. Apparently, the expression was used a total of sixteen times in the trilogy of […]