27th November 2014

Terrific Thursday (Part One)

Well, that was what I had hoped anyway…. Long planned kind-of-day-off in London, meeting up with Ma & Pa FWL (who incidentally came up the company […]
26th November 2014

What is normal?

The thing is, there is no normal. While normal may exist in other phenomena, it certainly does not apply to being human. While our DNA may […]
25th November 2014

What part of No….?

To whom it may concern: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for interrupting the flow of my morning. I had been ‘in […]
24th November 2014

There’s room for everyone

The world of family, local and social history has grown exponentially over the last decade in particular. Whilst the commercial sites are expanding with newly digitised […]
23rd November 2014

#46 Thomas Elford (1804-1886)

Thomas Elford was my gggg-grandfather on my father’s side – a long way back! He was born in 1804 and baptised in Plympton St Maurice on […]
22nd November 2014

The key to success

When should you give up? It is a more intriguing question than it may at first appear. We live in a culture that admires persistence: a […]
21st November 2014

Are you listening?

Hearing is one of your five senses. It is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations through an organ such as the ear. Listening requires you […]
20th November 2014

Losing the battle but winning the war

The winner of a war often loses just as many battles as s/he wins but with luck and preparation, at some point the tide turns or […]
19th November 2014

What is the secret to a great team?

Over the years, I have worked in many teams and earlier this year, I blogged about team work. But it is a subject I often return […]