22nd October 2014

A convicted double agent

George Blake (born George Behar on 11 November 1922) was a British spy and was uncovered in 1961 as a double agent in the service of […]
21st October 2014

England expects that every man will do his duty

…..the signal sent from Admiral Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory before the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, the most significant naval engagement of the Napoleonic Wars, […]
20th October 2014

Convictions quashed

The Guildford pub bombings occurred on 5 October 1974. Two pubs in Guildford, Surrey were targeted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) who detonated a […]
19th October 2014

#42 William Day (1777-1848)

William Day is currently at the top of my Day tree. I was very lucky to have a ‘Day tree’ c/o my Day grandfather back in […]
18th October 2014

Choosing a spouse….

This is the feast day of St Luke, a doctor by profession and the writer of the third gospel of the New Testament (and quite possibly, […]
17th October 2014

The never-ending task list

Do you ever get that feeling that your task list will just never end? Do you feel like you spend your whole life writing lists? We […]
16th October 2014

Remember Michael Fish

Don’t we all! Twenty-seven years ago, he told weather viewers to ‘ignore rumours of a hurricane’…. Oh how wrong he was! Hurricane winds battered southern England […]
15th October 2014

One of those days….

You know those days/weeks/months when it seems like nothing is going your way? The times when you seem to work longer hours than ever but the bank […]
14th October 2014

Prime Minister and convict?

Today is the birth date of Éamon De Valera, Irish ‘rebel’ and later, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland. He was born in […]