13th October 2014

The first knighted actor

Sir Henry Irving, the first actor to receive a knighthood, died today in 1905. Born John Henry Brodribb in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset in 1838, the year of Victoria’s […]
12th October 2014

#41 Augusta Matilda Baker (New Forest, Hampshire)

Augusta Matilda. Thank goodness that the Baker family picked their children’s names carefully. Well, the girls at least…. Augusta was the fourth born child of five, […]
11th October 2014

Raised from a 437-year sleep

The flagship of King Henry VIII’s navy – named after his sister – the Mary Rose was built in 1509, the year Henry came to the throne. In […]
10th October 2014

Happy 86th Birthday

…. to the Tyne Bridge, one of Tyneside’s most recognisable icons! For many Geordies nothing means home as much as the Tyne Bridge. The magnificent arch was […]
9th October 2014

How much is a ‘reasonable amount’?

When we set out in the big wide world of professional genealogical research, we set our rates for family history and tracing work at a price which we […]
8th October 2014

Harrowing crash  

In 1952, a total of 108 passengers and four rail crew members were killed and nearly 340 people were injured in a three train crash at […]
7th October 2014

The invention of carbon paper

In 1806, the British inventor Ralph Wedgwood (cousin of the potter, Josiah Wedgwood) secured a patent today, for a machine which made the first documented use of […]
6th October 2014

Famous for smashing atoms

Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton was an Irish physicist and Nobel Prize winner. Born on 6 October 1903, he worked with John Cockcroft at Cambridge University in […]
5th October 2014

#40 Halwill Sillifant boys

Current events have directed me to this branch of my extended Sillifant family tree…. Yesterday, I attended the Devon FHS AGM & Conference in Exeter. I always love […]