18th October 2014

Choosing a spouse….

This is the feast day of St Luke, a doctor by profession and the writer of the third gospel of the New Testament (and quite possibly, […]
17th October 2014

The never-ending task list

Do you ever get that feeling that your task list will just never end? Do you feel like you spend your whole life writing lists? We […]
16th October 2014

Remember Michael Fish

Don’t we all! Twenty-seven years ago, he told weather viewers to ‘ignore rumours of a hurricane’…. Oh how wrong he was! Hurricane winds battered southern England […]
15th October 2014

One of those days….

You know those days/weeks/months when it seems like nothing is going your way? The times when you seem to work longer hours than ever but the bank […]
14th October 2014

Prime Minister and convict?

Today is the birth date of Éamon De Valera, Irish ‘rebel’ and later, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland. He was born in […]
13th October 2014

The first knighted actor

Sir Henry Irving, the first actor to receive a knighthood, died today in 1905. Born John Henry Brodribb in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset in 1838, the year of Victoria’s […]
12th October 2014

#41 Augusta Matilda Baker (New Forest, Hampshire)

Augusta Matilda. Thank goodness that the Baker family picked their children’s names carefully. Well, the girls at least…. Augusta was the fourth born child of five, […]
11th October 2014

Raised from a 437-year sleep

The flagship of King Henry VIII’s navy – named after his sister – the Mary Rose was built in 1509, the year Henry came to the throne. In […]
10th October 2014

Happy 86th Birthday

…. to the Tyne Bridge, one of Tyneside’s most recognisable icons! For many Geordies nothing means home as much as the Tyne Bridge. The magnificent arch was […]