9th October 2014

How much is a ‘reasonable amount’?

When we set out in the big wide world of professional genealogical research, we set our rates for family history and tracing work at a price […]
8th October 2014

Harrowing crash  

In 1952, a total of 108 passengers and four rail crew members were killed and nearly 340 people were injured in a three train crash at […]
7th October 2014

The invention of carbon paper

In 1806, the British inventor Ralph Wedgwood (cousin of the potter, Josiah Wedgwood) secured a patent today, for a machine which made the first documented use of […]
6th October 2014

Famous for smashing atoms

Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton was an Irish physicist and Nobel Prize winner. Born on 6 October 1903, he worked with John Cockcroft at Cambridge University in […]
5th October 2014

#40 Halwill Sillifant boys

Current events have directed me to this branch of my extended Sillifant family tree…. Yesterday, I attended the Devon FHS AGM & Conference in Exeter. I always love […]
4th October 2014

Jobs for the boys

Today (in 1883), the Boys’ Brigade was founded in Glasgow by Sir William Alexander Smith (27 October 1854 – 10 May 1914). Born in Pennyland House, Thurso, Scotland, he […]
3rd October 2014

International distress

On 3 October 1906, at the Berlin Radiotelegraphic Conference, it was decided that SOS would be the international distress signal. Many people thought it stood for […]
2nd October 2014


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – more commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi – was born on this day in 1869. In India, his birthday is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti, […]
1st October 2014

Anyone for T?

Priced at $850, the first production Model T was announced for release on 1 October 1908 in Detroit, USA. The design and development had started in […]