21st September 2014

#38 George God(d)ard of Marystow, Devon

George’s parents, Edward and Margaret (nee Bickle) married in Marystow in 1764 and George was the seventh of eight known children: Mary (1765), John (1768), Edward (1771), […]
20th September 2014

Awarded and invested

During the Battle of the Alma (in the Crimean War) 160 years ago today, six men won Victoria Cross medals. Instituted by a Royal Warrant dated […]
19th September 2014


As many of you will know, I am in the process of writing my second book right now. Well actually, finishing it off…. hopefully soon! It’s […]
18th September 2014

In need of opinions

Money is the root of all evil…. You can’t get rich doing that….. It snows in Winter…. Spiders have eight legs …. George Washington was the […]
17th September 2014

Adopted …. in 1789?

In the USA, today is Constitution Day, commemorating the signing of the constitution on 17 September 1787. The document was drawn up by the Constitutional Convention, an […]
16th September 2014

Unusual regional words

Away from the trials and tribulations of recent events, this week we have decided to look into some unusual regional words, located in research documents of […]
15th September 2014

Inaugural Rocket journey

Together with several others built to the same design, the Rocket – a steam locomotive produced by George Stephenson (1781-1848) and his son, Robert (1803-1859) – took part […]
14th September 2014

#37 Thomas Baker of Semley, Wiltshire (1795-1857)

Imagine my delight when I discovered a Baker line in my ancestry and to make it even better, Sarah Alice Baker was born of Thomas Baker […]
13th September 2014

Who lives in a house like this?

Taking some time out of the office, a visit to Poole and Sandbanks, I was almost so relaxed that I forgot to blog today…. good heavens! […]