18th July 2014

The Chappaquiddick incident

Today marks the anniversary of the Chappaquiddick incident. Shortly before midnight on 18 July 1969, Senator Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy left a party on the island of […]
17th July 2014

Crazy Thursday – Wilfart and Black Sheep

And we really have gone a bit bonkers today in this heat….. Black Sheep. There is (at least) one in every family and there are some […]
16th July 2014

Unleash the power

The power of the atom was unleashed on the world today in 1945 and, as Albert Einstein put it in a telegram in New York Times, […]
15th July 2014

Celebration Tuesday….

Today, we celebrate our 300th blog post on FWL! Good heavens …. how is that possible?! And on St Swithin’s Day as well. He was a […]
14th July 2014

Fête nationale – Bastille Day

Bastille Day is the name given in English-speaking countries to the French National Day, which is celebrated on 14 July each year. In France, it is formally called Fête nationale. […]
13th July 2014

#28 Michael Day (1926-1964)

Michael Day was the younger brother of my grandfather, David Day. [Thank heaven David did the family tree for his surname before I came along!] Sons […]
12th July 2014

Day of Oranges

This is Orangemen’s Day – no, not the fruit…. It’s the day when Irish Protestants in Northern Ireland (and elsewhere) march with banners and regalia, celebrating the […]
11th July 2014

Embarking on new adventures 

Don’t panic! I am not about to make any major announcements…. but yesterday marked an anniversary for me personally. This time last year, I left a […]
10th July 2014

Turn back the clock 461 years….

…. and Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen of England in 1553. Born in the autumn of 1537, her mother – Lady Frances Brandon – was the […]