30th January 2019

NSW: Wednesday – The green suitcase at County Hall

Belinda Garnett lived around the corner from us, a likeable lady who enjoyed a laugh with her friends. When we uncovered her story, we wondered if […]
29th January 2019

NSW: Tuesday – A surprising amount of motherhood

Gary Barnshaw had learning difficulties and had been institutionalised from a young age. Any financial estate he left when he died would also have been intestate […]
28th January 2019

NSW: Monday – The Boy Who Loved Dad’s Wartime Sketches

Jack Phillips grew up in the War. His Dad sent sketches from the battlefield, back home to his young son. There’s a ‘tank’ emblazoned with his […]
25th January 2019

The countdown begins for National Storytelling Week!

Hello keen storytellers, writers and family historians! From the 28 January to 2 February, we have some great stories to share with you. All written by […]
23rd January 2019

We’re back, and we’ve moved!

If you are a regular FWL reader/follower, you will have noticed a fair few posts in the run up to Christmas 2018. But, if you missed […]
15th January 2019

RootsTech 2019 – it’s competition time!

Well actually, I am a little late but thankfully, as a longstanding ambassador of the event, I have been given the authority (thanks, RootsTech organising team) […]
11th November 2018

Once upon a lifetime

So … readers, it’s been a while. A long while. You might wonder, why? There is so much going on at FWL Empire, writing has (unfortunately) […]
8th April 2018

Where did we go?

Well, indeed…. We disappeared off the radar for a bit there, eh!? We were super busy in Salt Lake City and then came back to base […]
23rd February 2018

Preparing for/Heading to SLC

In April last year, I sat on the train platform at Birmingham International after Who Do You Think You Are? Live and I thought…. Next year….. […]