28th March 2017

Why wait?

If I told you how many letters we send out of our offices every single day, you’d be staggered. In fact, we are! FWL – as […]
20th March 2017

Further 1939 Register entertainment

A little while ago, we ventured into the land of silliness and amusement with the 1939 Register. Long-term FWL followers will recall various posts over the […]
12th March 2017

After a busy week comes a busier weekend!

When you want something done, ask a busy person…. well, this person is pretty darned busy already, thank you! Over the years, I have given many […]
5th March 2017

A dull moment? What….?

I actually started writing this blog last weekend and I wrote: “That was the week that was. A week (and a half, in reality) after returning […]
18th February 2017

What we learnt at RootsTech

This was our second year at RootsTech and so, we (moi and @HistoryLady2013) are possibly a little more ‘qualified’ to comment this year than last. Last […]
15th February 2017

We are “working our way back to you”

As I said in the last blog post, RootsTech cannot last forever. On Sunday evening, me and @HistoryLady2013 looked out of the window of our boudoir […]
12th February 2017

RootsTech …. The fun continues….

Day 2 at RootsTech was African Heritage Day and featured LeVar Burton as Keynote speaker. I was surprised to read that LeVar was born in Germany but when I […]
10th February 2017

RootsTech Day One …. What a day!

What a day is about right!! This time last year, I was a rookie with no idea of the packdrill. Being an ambassador – what did that […]
9th February 2017

Heading to RootsTech and Day Zero

Since the last blog, many miles have been travelled (and even more kilometres) on foot, bus, boat, car and plane. My MileIQ app on my mobile […]