6th July 2014

#27 Emeline (Emlin) Cory, nee Eastcott (1792-1867)

Baptised in Broadwoodwidger in 1792, Emeline was the second of just three children (it would seem) of William and Sarah ‘Sally’ Eastcott. No marriage has yet […]
5th July 2014

Sporting records

You cannot switch on the television in the United Kingdom at the moment without seeing some kind of sporting event. This weekend, we not only have […]
4th July 2014

Independence Day

In the USA, this is Independence Day, a holiday in all states and territories, commemorating the formal adoption of the Continental Congress of the Declaration of […]
3rd July 2014

Mathematical wizardry…..

Regular readers of our Family Wise blog will know that it is – more often than not – about family history or just plain ol’ history. However, […]
2nd July 2014

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

The US writer, Ernest Hemingway, shot himself today in 1961 at his home in Ketchum, Ohio. His wife issued a statement claiming that his death was accidental, but […]
1st July 2014

1 July 1837 – a date we will never forget!  

On this day in 1837, civil registration of births, marriages and deaths was introduced in England and Wales. Hallelujah! Prior to that, a parochial system of […]
30th June 2014

Where has this year gone?

Today is the last day in June. Half the year has gone….already. When I worked for someone else – in a Monday to Friday job (kind […]
29th June 2014

#26 Thomas Petherick (1823-1907)

Thomas was baptised on 22 June 1823 in Bradworthy, Devon of Daniel and Elizabeth Petherick. Daniel was a labourer of Bradworthy, who married Elizabeth Cory in […]
28th June 2014

Politics, Drugs and the Seoul Olympics

The 1988 Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea, a nation that turned democratic in order to welcome the world to the Summer Games. North Korea, […]