3rd July 2014

Mathematical wizardry…..

Regular readers of our Family Wise blog will know that it is – more often than not – about family history or just plain ol’ history. However, […]
2nd July 2014

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

The US writer, Ernest Hemingway, shot himself today in 1961 at his home in Ketchum, Ohio. His wife issued a statement claiming that his death was accidental, but […]
1st July 2014

1 July 1837 – a date we will never forget!  

On this day in 1837, civil registration of births, marriages and deaths was introduced in England and Wales. Hallelujah! Prior to that, a parochial system of […]
30th June 2014

Where has this year gone?

Today is the last day in June. Half the year has gone….already. When I worked for someone else – in a Monday to Friday job (kind […]
29th June 2014

#26 Thomas Petherick (1823-1907)

Thomas was baptised on 22 June 1823 in Bradworthy, Devon of Daniel and Elizabeth Petherick. Daniel was a labourer of Bradworthy, who married Elizabeth Cory in […]
28th June 2014

Politics, Drugs and the Seoul Olympics

The 1988 Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea, a nation that turned democratic in order to welcome the world to the Summer Games. North Korea, […]
27th June 2014

Peruvian Earthquake – 31 May 1970

In parts of the world which, due to faults in the Earth’s crust, are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes, people learn to live with the risk and […]
26th June 2014

British Empire – Colonial Africa

For the final blog on Africa, we thought that today – in the absence of many genealogical resources other than those for South Africa – we […]
25th June 2014

Transportation to Tasmania

In February this year, I was lucky enough to be transported to Tasmania. My experience was a pleasurable one….. on Voyager of the Seas,a Royal Caribbean […]