27th June 2014

Peruvian Earthquake – 31 May 1970

In parts of the world which, due to faults in the Earth’s crust, are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes, people learn to live with the risk and […]
26th June 2014

British Empire – Colonial Africa

For the final blog on Africa, we thought that today – in the absence of many genealogical resources other than those for South Africa – we […]
25th June 2014

Transportation to Tasmania

In February this year, I was lucky enough to be transported to Tasmania. My experience was a pleasurable one….. on Voyager of the Seas,a Royal Caribbean […]
24th June 2014

Federal, state and county

Family history is very popular in North America and there are many family history societies which can assist people with the records of a particular state […]
23rd June 2014

The beginning of the end

And so begins the last week of continental family and local history…. Challenging? Yes. Enlightening? Yes. Better than watching England matches in the World Cup? Definitely, […]
22nd June 2014

#25 Maria Jane Baynham (1865-1943)

The eldest surviving child of William and Maria Jaycock (nee Steer) Baynham, Maria Jane was born in March 1865 on Albany Street, Regents Park just eighteen […]
21st June 2014

East India

The British India Office Collection is a rich resource for those with ancestors who lived and worked in India. The records they hold date from the […]
20th June 2014

Chilly…. Oops, I mean Chile!

Chilly? England – amazingly – is anything but cold today. We are bathing in 24˚C, sunny, warm weather over here. And tomorrow is the Summer Solstice – […]
19th June 2014

The Boer War

Two separate Boer Wars were fought between the British Empire and two independent Boer states with the Second Boer War (1899-1902) being the one commonly known […]