28th May 2014

The ability to ‘wax lyrical’ (1911 census)

Dear Ancestors of yesteryear, I am so delighted that you were empowered to fill out the 1911 census forms yourselves, as many of you – mostly […]
27th May 2014

Taking time to appreciate the ‘here and now’

Much of my time is spent with my head in the past, tracing family trees backwards in history, or forwards to locate beneficiaries in wills or […]
26th May 2014

Getting something for nothing

Why is it so difficult to accept something for nothing these days? I bought a scratch card on Saturday for £2 and won £10. That’s fine. […]
25th May 2014

#21 Ann Codling (b. 1803 Simonburn, Northumberland)

Ann Codling was my gggg-grandmother but her name was not recorded on my maternal grandfather’s family tree. The furthest back he had traced was Margaret Robson, […]
24th May 2014

Abandoned Communities

The ghosts of thousands of long-forgotten villages haunt Britain, communities suddenly deserted and left to ruin. Back in 2010, a campaign was launched to shed light on […]
23rd May 2014

Bonnie and Clyde

In the UK, we have many game shows where contestants use their knowledge – or lack thereof – to try to win money. I can think […]
22nd May 2014

Did you use your vote?

In the United Kingdom today, local and European elections are taking place. I have never developed any great interest in politics on any level but today […]
21st May 2014

My weird Wednesday

I sure started early today – goodness I hate it when the alarm says 5 something! Pottering across Salisbury Plains in fog, I arrived to find […]
20th May 2014

St Dunstan and St Helens

This is St Dunstan’s Day, celebrated by some of the churches and other institutions which bear his name. Born in Somerset in the early tenth century, […]