20th April 2014

#16 John Henry Sillifant of Princetown, Devon

John Henry Sillifant was born in September quarter 1871 in Princetown (registered in the Tavistock Registration District). He was the third child born of Samuel and his […]
19th April 2014

Day 17 of the A to Z April Challenge: Q for Québec

Oh to hell with it – let’s go with the blindingly obvious for once! Having been there many years ago (1999), I will soon be returning […]
18th April 2014

Day 16 of the A to Z April Challenge: P for Papa

The affectionate term for father or sometimes, grandfather, Papa – like Kilo – is also a class of submarine. It is a Soviet submarine K-162 and […]
17th April 2014

Day 15 of the A to Z April Challenge: O for Oscar

No, no, no, no, no! I will not be discussing any South Africans today. Too many of the news headlines are being sent that way at […]
16th April 2014

Day 14 of the A to Z April Challenge: N for November

The options are endless for November. It’s the eleventh month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of four months with the […]
15th April 2014

Day 13 of the A to Z April Challenge: M for Mike

From a slightly odd selection for L, M in the phonetic alphabet gives so many opportunities for today’s waffle…. I mean blog! There are simply hundreds […]
14th April 2014

Day 12 of the A to Z April Challenge: L for Lima

One of those funny things about words…. lima, lemur…. when you say them, they sound very similar. I wonder how the phonetic alphabet came to use […]
13th April 2014

#15 Thomas John Oats

On 26 May 1884, in the market town of Tavistock in Devon, Thomas John Oats was born. Son of William Henry and Elizabeth Jane (nee Petherick) […]
12th April 2014

Day 11 of the A to Z April Challenge: K for Kilo

Spending the weekend at the 35th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Guild of One-Name Studies, is a kilo of fun! I know…. doesn’t quite […]