Care Homes

Searching For Living Next-of-Kin

When we locate the next of kin following a bereavement, the family members often express the fact that they 'wish they had known' that their relative was still alive. We do make every effort to provide photographs and biographical material to the family. The news that their relative was still living is often bittersweet for family members, as the contact has come, in effect 'too late'.

We prefer to assist care home staff to identify resident's next-of-kin while they are still living.

We were in touch with a care home in the Midlands. The staff were surprised to hear that the resident (who had passed away) had family, but in this case the family did not even though that their late cousin existed. Off the back of this they asked for our help in locating the family of a younger male resident Brian* where they suspected there were family. We took a look and were able to find, from careful conversations with the family, that Brian's mother had had an older sibling, born out of wedlock, who had actually been trying to locate his brother Brian for many years.

We reached out to Brian's brother, and the two brothers were able to meet up: a successful outcome.

We do not charge for this service, and welcome your getting in touch via the contact details below.



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